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RT @AbelMelaku: Man opens fire during #Ethiopia-n Embassy protest in Washington.

Twitter: @iEthiopia

@HeiferCEO I am From Ethiopia! I am a final Year animal Science and Production(BSc) student in Addis Ababa Univ & Want to work in Heifer!

Twitter: @AyalewYohannes

RT @AthleticsImages: Today in 2000 at the Sydney Olympics Ethiopia's #DerartuTulu won the 10km in an OG record of 30mins17.49 secs http://t…

Twitter: @mihirtab

Cant decide which Single Origin to try? Get all 5 #Geisha #Kenya #Nicaragua #Ethiopia #CostaRica

Twitter: @climpsonandsons

RT @Hewete: Sad story of an #Ethiopia-n migrant worker told in a cartoon strip.

Twitter: @summer201023

RT @MWAWater: Launch of our new program in Ethiopia! Ministry of Water keynote address

Twitter: @iEthiopia