Topic: Eugene Parker
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Eugene Parker on twitter
Me and Kimberly Rae Parker are gonna be going to see Broths Lynch Hung in Eugene this September. Who needs tix?

Twitter: @JonnieSmallz

@BuffRumblings it isn't Eugene Parker? Oh thank god.

Twitter: @FrewBrew

@JoeBuscaglia Thank God it's not Eugene Parker!

Twitter: @MichaelThomas82

@JoeBuscaglia please tell us it wasnt Eugene Parker.

Twitter: @AaronTheH

@CJSPILLER didn't sign with Eugene Parker so as far as I am concerned this is already a win for #Bills fans!

Twitter: @RocCityRep

@JoeBuscaglia Please don't disappoint BILLS Nation and say Eugene Parker.....

Twitter: @buffalobills1

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