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Children will not remember you for the material things you provided but for the feeling that you cherished them.-Richard L. Evans

Twitter: @CourageForKids

i can't currently connect my xbox to the uni wifi, this is a disaster

Twitter: @_Tom_Evans_

Can you believe Who Jenelle slammed this time ? This is so wrong !!

Twitter: @allTeenmomnews

LUKA&EVANS, keep walking hand in hand L&E, keep singing, "whoal!" L&E, keep walking, match it up L&E, sun-chasing, go L&E, we call it "hope"

Twitter: @Hasobas

@Twickets any tickets for sale for lee Evans Saturday?

Twitter: @Lea_Oxx

RT @alexevansuk: What next for development? Here's @fp2p's summary of a talk I did last week for the big 5 UK development NGOs…

Twitter: @wattrob

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