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RT @YESSIELUVWWE: My Dream Match Has To Be The FBI Vs The Wyatt Family @ChuckPalumbo @JonnyStamboly

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RT @PlayDangerously: The FBI is involved. This is a federal matter now. #GamerGate

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RT @SamuelDaGoat: "@TheUncurvable: Let's see if my nephew likes weed 😎" @FBI @CIA @CNN @BarackObama @FoxNews

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Otter calls for a review of the marriage equality decision. We call for review of the CCA investigation (FBI, not ISP) that he shut down.

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Top Story: FBI Warns TV Anchors and Reporters They May Be Next ISIL Target - TV…, see more

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“@AnoudVII: ahh i do such great job fbi-ing👀😂”

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