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RT @Sheldon_Jokes: a jealous girl does faster research than the fbi

Twitter: @Mbaleigh92

The FBI will never catch me

Twitter: @uhSeiZ

@darrienmcd @baestation @Restlessways_ @FBI @police @Dea got the Feds on ya cause you ain't likin the subies. LMAOOOO

Twitter: @JoshDaTrapLord

Good chance tomorrow might be rough, but I'll worry about that tomorrow. Hanging with the #FBI #Hilo…

Twitter: @NateGyotoku

Dr Coleman didn't ask even one Q as to why @KimDotcom was of "interest" to the FBI. Incompetence @lailaharre

Twitter: @denistegg

A jealous women does better research then the FBI

Twitter: @RamirezKaren97

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