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FBI Training 30,000 To Confront Active Shooters In Schools -

Twitter: @Breaking911

@FBI @CIA Follow-Up>>>>>>> "@RogueStatusX: the only people that got it are two dead pigs. Good riddance lol"

Twitter: @Deb_Saw_Boy

#NorthKorea: you guys need to find that 15 year old hacker asshole that shutdown our internet! FBI: Yeah, we'll get right on that.

Twitter: @DWCook

@PolitiBunny @MeganSmiles @FBI @safety @SohlerSarah @Anyad_Haza @LilMissRightie He just needs a southern butt kicking.

Twitter: @warpfactorbanjo

RT @_mvri: I stay putting 2 & 2 together cant get nothing past me im the FBI 😂😂

Twitter: @diivmond

RT @MarkHBurton: Interesting: North Korea unlikely to have hacked Sony.

Twitter: @SnakebiteJones

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