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@SoftestMuffin @melananny01 @AlphaQuintesson @FBI as well as whatever the FBI decides to do.

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RT @OaklandParkNow: Broward GOP Candidate Levi Williams Escorted Rev. Jesse Jackson To FBI Protest

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@SoftestMuffin @melananny01 @AlphaQuintesson @FBI If you don't take your post down, I will have no choice but to go to the police on Monday

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RT @JacobbManellaa: Two FBI agents were shot in Ferguson and for some reason people think that's funny and is going to help the situation, …

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@EpikMani @SoftestMuffin @AlphaQuintesson @FBI (people do it on facebook) I'm truly sorry please forgive me for this remark.

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@Forfeiter ring ring hello is this fbi hassam is at it again lmao

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