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FBI on twitter
Can't post work-related pictures until a contract is signed so use your imagination. #CIA #IRS #FBI

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FBI Reveals How Boko Haram And Niger Delta Militants Collaborate – CNN

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Federal agents arrest 2 men on guns charges; bomb plot also investigated (Sent from KMOV4)

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RT @ThisisMikeyy: A jealous girl does faster research than the fbi.

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Several dozen marched in Ferguson last night (AP) along with 100 FBI, 3000 POLICE,7000 DHS, 12000 #msnbc staff, & 28000 Press. #uppers #tcot

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RT @Ceilidhann: According to FBI, only 1 in 2.7m reported cases of rape are falsified yet they're seen as a constant occurrence. #Solidarit…

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