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FBI on twitter
"@teaIeoni: but if aliens are real then how many whale?" @BarackObama @CIA @FBI

Twitter: @danascuIly

@Erst_Officer Maybe the FBI will auction off all his gear... I'll buy that for a dollar!

Twitter: @toqlip

RT @inlovewith_d: @ScarlettNape @LouiseMcElwee @SPN_FBI @SPN_SamGirl I`m not a hockey fan, so nt sure about that but I wouldn`t wish him on…

Twitter: @LouiseMcElwee

I liked a @YouTube video Boom Clap Bachelors - Tiden Flyver (Audiomorphics Remix)

Twitter: @The_TeenAge_FBI

A jealous woman does better research than the FBI.

Twitter: @RobbyBoffy

RT @ScarlettNape: @inlovewith_d @LouiseMcElwee @SPN_FBI @SPN_SamGirl I think we *have* to take him - After all, you guys *did* win that ho…

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