Topic: First Amendment
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First Amendment on twitter
Steve Kerbel: Why are GOP Presidential Candidates ignoring history and the first amendment?

Twitter: @I_P_R

@RHSPats Its evident that you need First Amendment sensitivity classes and understand free speech is a right

Twitter: @Tomfreeusa

The University of Missouri: Ground Zero in the New War on the First Amendment - Breitbart

Twitter: @authorFran

A lot of conservatives support banning Islam (covered under first amendment) and a database for Muslims lol

Twitter: @PoliticalSamosa

I don't get America at times. Panhandling is protected free speech under first amendment, so a homeless person asking for money is fine

Twitter: @Angelheartnight

RT @NancyShehata: Getting shot while exercising their First Amendment rights. Why is this not all over the news?

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