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Black slaves was freed in the 13th amendment so. The first 10 amendments/the bill of rights. Is not even for our asses 💯 #billofwhites

Twitter: @LilTorche76

MINNESOTASTAN: BOYCOTT HARDWARE HANK for caving to designated terrorist group CAIR’s anti-first amendment harassment

Twitter: @DefeatSharia

Burn the flag down to your hearts desire. It's your first amendment right :-)

Twitter: @sdprtygrl

The FAA’s got a First Amendment problem when it comes to regulating drones, by @MargotKaminski. via @slate

Twitter: @ReubenLowing

@peytonisaboss's a first amendment right. ignorance is not realizing why they are doin it in the first place.

Twitter: @KierseyFamily

RT @EmmaSwallows93: The First Amendment wasn't created to protect mobs, looting, violence, and property damage. You guys have it all wrong.

Twitter: @Em1031