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Food Stamps Are Being Used Like Currency By Drug Dealers… I'm shocked...SHOCKED! #libtards

Twitter: @Emilio_Crosby

these hoes on food stamps but then got iPhone in Jordans America isbs

Twitter: @youngVeight

@SierrAArreis_ Bahaha Just jokes, I'm not on food stamps (this month)

Twitter: @MaseratiSkip

I have 0 respect for someone on food stamps, you don't deserve it

Twitter: @saylorganggg

RT @feldyess: Literally after talking about food stamps I see a "that's none of my business" picture 😂😅😭

Twitter: @saylorganggg

RT @__NanaMarshae: Need to make my way downtown, a bitch need some food stamps 😂😂😂😂😂 I be starving at school

Twitter: @Janiyahskeeper