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RT @_tonejr: Who selling food stamps?

Twitter: @seyE__

I'm dealing with the ultimate struggle I want snacks but I don't have any food stamps 😔😔😔😩😩😩😭😭

Twitter: @__Easy_A

Cash? 5 years ago I got Food Stamps. Never got cash benefits. @Truthseer1961 @bimmerella @streicher187 @KungFunny

Twitter: @SeriousOne1975

Mom finally cashed the food stamps in. Got my trac phone back on #welfarebaby

Twitter: @killemwhiteboy

RT @CloydRivers: Maybe if you had taken advantage of your free HS education, you wouldn't need free housin', free food stamps and free welf…

Twitter: @blakleycon

Who selling food stamps?

Twitter: @_tonejr