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"U guys take food stamps?"

Twitter: @XxBrownBearxX

Billionaires and Billions of Food Stamps U might want to read this #RT PJNET #TCOT #Nobama #TGDN #Teaparty #NRA #2A

Twitter: @Ssmfarley777

RT @___Mainman: Cheat on a good girl for a HOE? 🙅🙅You just went from 🌟✨ 5 star dinners 🍷🍢🍜 to food stamps . 🐸☕ #DivineRoyalty️

Twitter: @joannaaaxx_

RT @paul_lander: You qualify for food stamps #WorstBossIn5Words @midnight

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RT @DavidLGray_INFO: If the govt is taking care of you with welfare, food stamps, and subsidized housing, you don't get to call yourself…

Twitter: @LyonsAdvocacy

RT @_Xpresss: @Zshavonii Lol it is . But shoot if you have what it takes to go you could flip your food stamps 😂

Twitter: @Zshavonii