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RT @jricole $22 Billion t Fight ISIL same Year Congress cut $8.7 bn Food Stamps #MiliFreeEdu @warresistint

Twitter: @desmilitaritzem

RT @kesgardner: 6 years ago, 32.6 million Americans were on food stamps. Today, 46.2 million are. The left calls this “progress.” http://t.…

Twitter: @LoriLandRich

RT @TheBaxterBean: 5 Million Elderly and Poor Kicked Off Food Stamps Under Republican Cuts, Costing More Than Cuts Save…

Twitter: @helenmag

Ima hustler for real i can make food stamps flip

Twitter: @FatalBaby

CAPS still hasn't given me child care so food stamps & wic won't pay for daycare either.

Twitter: @Aprella_Love

I tipped the dj so he could play wrist by father and now I'm going home to sign up for food stamps