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It's probably bad that when I think of Frank Langella, I think of Skeletor.

Twitter: @Doubting_Tom

.@ajlobster anthony minghella and frank langella walked into a bar. A Rhianna song was playing. #JokesInProgress

Twitter: @OpOnions

@EricaFails I'll say that Frank Langella is probably the best thing about it.

Twitter: @franzferdinand2

@franzferdinand2 I like that movie. I'm not crazy excited about it, but I do love Frank Langella. It's a great background movie for working.

Twitter: @EricaFails

I'm always waaaaaay too excited that Frank Langella is in The 9th Gate. I'm sorry. I'm wrong. One can't be too excited for Langella.

Twitter: @EricaFails

"If I don't pit myself against things that are larger than myself, I'm lost." Frank Langella #QOTD

Twitter: @PeacefulBarb

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