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#TheAmericans: Frank Langella's Gabriel surprised us in tonight's episode. We recap “Born Again” @TheAmericansFX

Twitter: @tvgoodness

Guys, I got hard watching those scenes coming up on #TheAmericans, I'm not gonna lie. Also, Frank Fucking Langella.

Twitter: @spaceliontobi

Frank Langella sees how awful Reagan was. Yet, he's like Christoper Lee (aka, Saruman) in The Rings Trilogy. @TheAmericansFX #TheAmericans

Twitter: @CheetahPizzas

Anything I see Frank Langella at I think of Dracula #TheAmericans

Twitter: @Atlatl_1

Six episodes in, sort of feel like THE AMERICANS is wasting Frank Langella.

Twitter: @TheTrueBrendanF

Frank Langella does creepy very well. Too well. #theamericans

Twitter: @dangerblond