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Frank Sinatra on twitter
How many thots in this pic? Frank Sinatra woulda had mad chicks followin him on twitter

Twitter: @sjs856

@OchoaVictoriaR frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy, JFK, Elizabeth Taylor, Lucille Ball... I'm in love

Twitter: @LisaCarter00

My Way by Frank Sinatra (at SIRED) —

Twitter: @helmiozan

RT @robindiandretti: he had all the hoes bruh “@HistoricalPics: Frank Sinatra surrounded by fans, c. 1943”

Twitter: @baethany

RT @TTYLTiffany: Oomf is gonna be a stock broker who will marry a striper and do crack and be really cool and he's going to look exactly li…

Twitter: @stock8signal

RT @HistoricalPics: Frank Sinatra surrounded by fans, c. 1943

Twitter: @rohrer_brooke