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#eubill based on GDP growth - many UK corporates pay tax offshore (like #facebook in Ireland) so #uktreasury doesn't benefit #doublewhammy

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RT @pmarca: To what extent does China's GDP growth over last 30 years correspond to its growth of use of electricity, concrete, & steel? #h…

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RT @MerheimEyre: Fascinating GDP growth differences in in Central & E Europe. Look at Belarus despite sanctions!

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RT @zizou7s: @choyyan @rachitseth but TN has faced serious drop in growth rate. ( GDP: 13.2% @ 2011 was reduced to 4 % now )

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RT @DaveDalton42: Real #GDP growth 1991-2013: EU joiners vs western CIS. #Poland best (+130%); Moldova, Ukraine worst (-1/3).…

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Live coverage of the first estimate of UK gross domestic product in the third quarter of 2014Grow

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