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@TheMindOfTesla @seanpnico But my GI Bill paid for my school. The way I see it they can pay for my degree because they'll just steal it

Twitter: @Simbad_Reb

I'm gonna get paid to stay fit, jump out of planes, travel the world, go to college with TA and still have a GI bill for my kid someday

Twitter: @_daniel_james

.@mlange987 post-war America. Remarkable in a lot of ways. New infrastructure, strong unions, the GI bill sent a generation to university

Twitter: @amoureuse_DC

RT @mihane_937: GI bill used twice?

Twitter: @ayu_493

@TheCalebJones It was always a bubble since the GI Bill. The malinvestment is just more visible now

Twitter: @zachbee85

@jenbaker22 and I graduated @SMU today. Thank you GI Bill! #CombatToClassroom

Twitter: @Moreira_Lou