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GOP Senators on twitter
@PMgeezer @JammieWF I wonder if those 6 dem senators could be persuaded to join with the GOP in a veto-proof bill come late January 2015...

Twitter: @SpinsterBeth

I know my Representative, Congressman Andy Barr @RepAndyBarr and my Senators, Senator Mitch McConnell...

Twitter: @PastorGolphin

A national security conference in Canada this weekend brought out the bonhomie among U.S. senators.

Twitter: @RussOnPolitics

RT @frendafox: @wildauburnrebel @pghdads @Pudingtane @Surfingcity @bwtanker Cassidy will win runoff. That will be 54 GOP senators. Convicti…

Twitter: @Pudingtane

Steen Lifts Blues to 3-2 Win Over Senators @GOP #CashinIn


Ah yes, all is still SNAFU, damn RINOs:

Twitter: @milehighfirearm