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RT @tkdmike: REPEAL THE GOP @GOP @RNCLatinos

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RT @ajain31: GOP Hero. @ajain31: Republican acknowledges whole point of push to alter voting rules is voter suppression.…

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RT @michaelterry337: Senate GOPer: Obamacare's 8 Million Sign-Ups 'All Smoke And Mirrors' GOP..all gas and hot air!!…

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@Victoriaokane @garyc3 @kgarrison @GOP #RedNationRising rid DC of them All!

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RT @Victoriaokane: .@garyc3 @kgarrison @GOP yep! Proof establishment GOP only cares about their power, not the PPL & constitution! They're …

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RT @Nupe117: Sniping US Govt Officials while in the lawful pursuit of their duties does not make you a patriot. @cspanwj @GOP…

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