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RT @DahmPublishing: You gotta ask the question, why is this an issue? What does #GOP get when deploying voter suppression tactics? http://t…

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@swannew no other choice. @BBCUSA173 @theosmelek @msnbc @RonanFarrow @GOP @comcast @MittRomney @billclinton

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GOP budget cuts have harmed the nation’s ability to handle the Ebola.

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Wright: Black GOP actress' racist remarks By Crystal Wright

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RT @JimAndrews518: One of the sickest things about the Republicans is they rely a lot on deceiving people into thinking the GOP cares about…

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Rand Paul of KY says the black folk will vote GOP by 33% , assumption is 'undecideds' will all go to GOP still not close to 60%

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