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RT @LOLGOP: Mitt Romney and Bob Dole are in Republican ads for 2014... If you need a place to start your 2014 GOP Autopsy.

Twitter: @elderberryplace

Giant methane emissions not going to get cleaned up with a GOP/NutParty Congress or Presidency. Vote them out of office

Twitter: @farrellhamann

What'll be our October surprise, event to tip election~perhaps a severe weather event or maybe another massive oil spill, either indicts GOP

Twitter: @WilMadison

A lot of the reason why #pumpkinfest is reported differently the #Fergurson is race+conservative/ #GOP pressure on #MSM ; typical

Twitter: @Naci_MorenO

@cspanwj it's about being anti-Obama. Who can identify any issues for which GOP candidates are advocating?

Twitter: @parkstorm

A #GOP Candidate Is Not Sorry For a TV Ad With Drowning Children in it -

Twitter: @AmazinMusicNY