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RT @ElishaNEWS: RUSH Caller: "We should be changing our perspective on the GOP Leadership. They get to have their cake & eat too, while doi…

Twitter: @tahDeetz

@Only4RM so involved with their own crap shows let's keep usa stupid and listening to the GOP fools

Twitter: @nonnagina2301

RT @DAVIDCOMFORT: If voting in US were compulsory, as in Australia & 21other countries, outnumbered #GOP would never win another election.

Twitter: @PalsJustice

RT @loudobbsnews: Gotta Be Kidding, The Amnesty Activists Are All About Whining: Gutierrez to GOP: 'Stop Whining' v…

Twitter: @DeeC748

RT @Donna_West: Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., says there is 'no question' Obama's immigration order can be blocked by legislation…

Twitter: @Northquahog48

@BrookeBCNN The GOP politics of fear and personal attacks. Met day 1 to pledge obstruction & now want POTUS to trust them to do their jobs?

Twitter: @foxbat_