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GRAMMY Awards on twitter
RT @JesyNelsonARMY: Come On MIXERS lets try and get the girls nominated and make them WIN all 5 Grammy Awards 2015 will be……

Twitter: @ProudLovatic971

much more than the grammy awards

Twitter: @wxndysic

RT @1DFAMlLY: Grammy Awards 2015 submissions list with One Direction: #EMABiggestFans1D

Twitter: @smashinto1d

My Pepper MaShay song: Jump(Into The Deep End) Is Also On the 1st Ballot For The 57th grammy Awards.

Twitter: @sistajeanandcb

@EdSheeran has scolded himself for slamming @MileyCyrus' behaviour during this year's Grammy Awards... #Ooops

Twitter: @timbreapp

RT @DelReyLatest: Lana Del Rey has submitted for the 2015 Grammy awards!

Twitter: @angelonicko