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Gary Payton on twitter
Unless you've got a fucked up Gary Payton skull - bald is like the safest/cleanest choice possible.

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@JesserTheLazer Can I wager u my Gary Payton.I won't scan you like the last guy.For my YouTube channel PS4-RC2Beast YouTube-Brad Cat

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I liked a @YouTube video from @bud22089 NBA 2k14 MyTeam | Seattle Thunder Team! Kevin Durant, Gary Payton,

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If Newton can develop a mean streak on defense he could be the next Gary Payton. Offensive game is similar.

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@DMVsneakers I just cop these Retro Classic. Gary Payton Sonic Flight kicks from the. Nike Store in Queensland Mall.

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RT @SomeonesAnIdiot: Throwback: When a news station thought Gary Payton set the record for passing TDs in a season (via @H00PINATI) https…

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