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Report: Mike Smith having a great meet at Del Mar. Just wondering how many of Gary Stevens mounts he's inherited.

Twitter: @geoman52

Dee you have to keep repeating yourself to him because he has trouble hearing that's why he has hearing aids! Leave Gary alone #cbb

Twitter: @Danny_Stevens

@1royle @dannyjamieson14 i still think we should punt on billy McKay and Gary nackay Stevens!

Twitter: @faz42

@Ruby_Stevens @mattfraction @mattzollerseitz in my mind I'm pronouncing it "Gary Stellari." Also, Leia looks like Natalie Portman!

Twitter: @scottmarshall

Gary if you're trying to convince the housemates that your SCARED of balloons don't get angry and try to pop them! 😂 #cbb

Twitter: @Danny_Stevens

RT @angieastevens1: I'm not sure if putt putt counts, but if so Gary Stevens just played his first 18 holes 4 weeks after #tkr surgery http…

Twitter: @turnleftprod