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I am truly baffled that Kimberly Guilfoyle ever managed to snag Gavin Newsom. Luckily he's now married to a feminist so it works out.

Twitter: @dannybluebird

This makes no sense. Why would Michelle step on Kamala/Gavin Newsom when there's a GOP seat up in IL in 2016?

Twitter: @mttbry

So...the crazy woman who said young women shouldn't vote on FOX is Gavin Newsom's ex-wife? Whaaa?

Twitter: @kklausser

Gavin Newsom’s ex on Fox News: Tinder over voting for young women - Politics Blog

Twitter: @dfung1136

“@SFGate: Newsom's ex starts firestorm with Fox News comments on young women and voting:" twit of the week

Twitter: @CorieTweets2U

@dmcrane @MotherJones - can't believe that she was the former Mrs. Gavin Newsom.

Twitter: @cookiesinheaven