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Gene Chizik on twitter
@Andy_Staples @arkansasfbfan gene chizik. Both successor coaches at auburn and ISU had more success with his players than him

Twitter: @foojenkins

Bottom line cpr didn't win games with his own players three bowl games were with gene chizik' players. Didn't win anything with his recruits

Twitter: @therealredalert

@JacquesDoucet @abercrombie_ba Gene Chizik had a Heisman QB. Looked good for a while. Jimbo had a Heisman QB. We will see.

Twitter: @FredFromPlano

Are you serious? Amazing how off-based some are with their analysis. Iowa State should bring Gene Chizik home again

Twitter: @MackintoshBruce

@slmandel Does the Paul Rhoads era change the narrative on Gene Chizik a bit? Seems like Rhoads benefitted greatly from Chizik's recruiting

Twitter: @AuburnElvis

Iowa State fired Paul Rhoads? But I thought he was sooooooo much better than Gene Chizik. Looks like he basically won w/ Chizik's players

Twitter: @AuburnElvis