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Gene Davis on twitter
RT @stevegress19: Conforto hit by pitch with two outs in the bottom of the first. Davis coming up. #gtsports #gobeavs

Twitter: @gene_chrastil

RT @stevegress19: Davis doubles down the right field line and Conforto moves to third. Keyes up with two in scoring position and two outs. …

Twitter: @gene_chrastil

At #KreegerMuseum 20th anniversary exhibition curated by Sarah Tanguy--a Gene Davis painting

Twitter: @LucianPerkins

I swear both the Davis & Stamp ugly gene wand smacked me when I was born

Twitter: @Lydia_Davis1

Senator Gene Davis speaking at the Murray Chamber Eggs & Issues about three 2014 Utah Legislative Session.

Twitter: @StephWright51

is anyone watching the davis cup rn? i swear 80% of tennis players have the hot gene

Twitter: @thestoryofshama

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