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Gene Siskel on twitter
Gene Siskel of the Chicago Tribune commented on how the visuals were perceived within the framework of drug...

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#10 THE FLY-Critic Gene Siskel said Goldblum "got stiffed" out of an Oscar nomination because older voters generally don't honor horror.

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@Stefan_Mark1 thanks for sharing, RHYMES opens in Chicago at the Gene Siskel Nov. 7th

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"They made DUMB & DUMBER; this film aughta be called GROSS & GROSSER." - Gene Siskel #neverforget #greatmomentsincriticism

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"To protest the film, critics Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel read the credits out loud on TV saying, "shame, shame, shame" after each name."

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Watching Halloween III gave me flashbacks to Gene Siskel singing '8 more days til Halloween' on tv decades ago. Strange what stays with you.

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