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For Immediate Release Contact: Mike Houlihan 312-431-8700, Houlitv@AOL.COM Gene Siskel Film Center & Hibernian...

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Gene Siskel's #1 film of 1978 was STRAIGHT TIME. Co-written (& researched, in Folsom) by Michael Mann.

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Gene Siskel apparently saw Fargo four times in 1996. Okay Bruv.

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@BeauBishop lived in Chicago during the entire run and people bought tix to see MJ, Pip, Oprah, Gene Siskel, Farley, etc. It was the circus.

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The Legacy of Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel: via talkbacker #Retro #MovieReview

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RT @brandy_burre: Gene Siskel Film Center of the School of the Art Institute of ChicagoChicago critics can't stop raving about... http://t.…

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