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@_codydaze Geoff Petrie knew wtf he was doing. It was the maloofs being too cheap

Twitter: @kalvinkleinn

Hassan Whiteside is the ideal center we have been waiting for.. Athletic & lengthy rim protector. I hate the Maloof's & Geoff Petrie

Twitter: @SactownCrown

Hassan Whiteside just got his 9th block on Aaron Brooks, the guy he was cut for by Geoff Petrie

Twitter: @AmishD

@LaMichael20 @PatMcLoone Between Kobe and Geoff Petrie, we can match trophy cases pretty nicely. Not to mention Leibig's men's league titles

Twitter: @OnTheShaneTrain

FS 1971-72 Topps Basketball, Geoff Petrie, Portland Trail Blazers, #34 via @eBay

Twitter: @chealey17

@GrantNapearshow @bstone76 I was very high on Geoff Petrie, but has he lost it in the past few drafts?Jmmr, Trke, over all⭐️s drafted after

Twitter: @igor_sqa