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Geoff Petrie on twitter
Memorial Day Tribute: The Ultimate Sacrifice - by Geoff Petrie #MEMORIAL_DAY #MEMORIALDAY

Twitter: @memoryday2

RT @DailyKeller: “If we pick out which parts of the Bible we dislike, we actually have a god we've created. How can that god ever call you …

Twitter: @geoff_petrie

I don't think Geoff Petrie was to blame for certain picks. I think the Maloof's had their hand in the Jimmer pick.

Twitter: @SactownCrown

@SactownCrown I know included in oversight Geoff Petrie putrid at trades and drafting high good eye for late talent tho

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@NEPD_Loyko @DTKnows ainge has the longest GM leash since Geoff Petrie in Sacto. He can't be killed.

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@JonesOnTheNBA at the time is was Geoff Petrie making another solid move.

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