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RT @Sheilah_Elise: “@grahamdakers: The awkward moment when Sheilah gets prince Charles and George bush mixed up”@AilaE 😂

Twitter: @AilaE

#StrikeOutALS #ALS #IceBucketChallenge - George W. Bush - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge ==> PLZ RT

Twitter: @ShowTimeTV7

RT @itbejoe: #ifsouljaboysarapper then george bush really did care about black people

Twitter: @EatPrayJoe

I couldnt have whiter roommates even if john mccain, mitt romney, and george bush switched with them

Twitter: @floydthedon

RT @UberFacts: George W. Bush had a C average in college and scored 1206 on his SAT.

Twitter: @ariwento

RT @ChillWitCharles: @ColMorrisDavis It's true, but no 9/11 until George W. Bush, so...

Twitter: @grammy4lphhl