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RT @joelpollak: 'RESPECT!' George W. Bush visits children's hospital as Santa (bonus: with security 'elf') [photo]

Twitter: @dickmooney55

While @BarackObama is in Hawaii on vacation, George W. Bush is at hospitals giving out presents to sick children dressed as Santa...

Twitter: @tottenavery

@sUASnews @WhiteHouse Ask George W. Bush that question.

Twitter: @orangeseahorse

RT @VeryOldPics: George Bush Jr. has a 'leg up' on his father, President George Bush,

Twitter: @SirKirill

.@ThisWeekABC Maybe you will debate something important like Dick #Cheney George #Bush and #torture. #Feinstein and the #CIA

Twitter: @rfkolbe

I have opinions of my own — strong opinions — but I don’t always agree with them. George Bush

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