Topic: George Coe
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George Coe on twitter
@coe_george @jamesthompson__ @Dan_Spurr11 he's just a nosey guy

Twitter: @gregwinston

@jamesthompson__ @Dan_Spurr11 well done James any opportunity to get a nose joke in ahah

Twitter: @coe_george

@Dan_Spurr11 @coe_george but what does beak-nose George know about football

Twitter: @jamesthompson__

@Dan_Spurr11 I guess I will never have a career as a score predicted then 😂

Twitter: @coe_george

Apparently City are too strong for Arsenal.. apparently aye @coe_george

Twitter: @Dan_Spurr11

@Dan_Spurr11 patience is a virtue spur don't worry ✋

Twitter: @coe_george