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If Washington hired George Karl to coach.... then they would be just WOW.

Twitter: @LaneBaker94

@AnthonyAlvarad_ absolutely, you gotta penetrate and pop it out man, make the defense pick their poison. Ugh, we want George Karl

Twitter: @Navdizzle

@jcaldera36 @LKRGIRL I wouldn't mind george karl.

Twitter: @rbm2120

@HermieLoria @rios_marko so why didn't Erik Spoelstra win it last year? Because George Karl coached a team with no expectations to 3rd seed

Twitter: @SirEddieSwavey

If Steph Curry and Co. can break apart a George Karl led-Defense then they sure as hell can do it against Doc Rivers. #dubnation

Twitter: @babysmurrf

RT @ShahmirGhani: Thibodeau is an ELITE coach. Has avg roster way overachieving for 2 years now. George Karl is also ELITE. Did a lot with …

Twitter: @IExceedTheHYPE