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sharing #suaju Germany to examine BlackBerry's planned Secusmart buy #technology #geek

Twitter: @SocialCommerceT

But then legit_italy came around an italy just for him! but germany still loved italy so much he couldnt let the other italybabes go

Twitter: @legit_germany

#OnThisDay Germany proclaims Kriegsgefahrzustand; Railway lines commandeered, Press controlled, Martial Law proclaimed, reserves called up.

Twitter: @OnThisDay_WW1

@LeeP59 @ProudPatriot101 Germany will send them over

Twitter: @liontornado

1/2 Deaths of EU citizens made a 'qualitative difference' to Germany's position on harder sanctions via @FT

Twitter: @KristiRaik

Germany's story haha! Germany had so much love for Italy. So much, in fact, it manifested itself into a love for EVERY italy

Twitter: @legit_germany

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