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#BeSt_P0etrY #LoVe_PoeTry #Sad_P0etry #RoManTic PoeTry #Gham_POeTrY #New_PoEtrY k LeY FoLLow @TaNhaBaBu 4 Girls Numbr FoLLow @RoBa_sMs

Twitter: @Lab_E_LaiLa

RT @LovenoNotes: Girls In Wet Shirts Instead of The Ice Bucket!! c̸l̸i̸c̸k̸ h̸e̸r̸e̸ f̸o̸r̸ m̸o̸r̸e̸ p̸i̸c̸s̸→ http:…

Twitter: @itztruelovee

RT @NotBeAllowed: my boyfriend notallowed to ask girls for advice... You better grab a magic 8 ball & hope to get the answers that you want…

Twitter: @ThrowinSkittles

RT @MarilynMonroeDC: Hug her from behind. Girls love that.

Twitter: @cierrraaa_smith

@ArianaGrande I make them good girls go bad

Twitter: @boardwalkbutera

RT @TippleFishNEMO: 99% of girls do this... Smh

Twitter: @mikie360

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