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Twitter: @lejidydio

@Olgurlnona lol no problem . You're like one of the prettiest girls on Instagram ! So I had to draw you .

Twitter: @ailikesi

RT @StrawberryMely: Guys are taking more selfies than girls nowadays.

Twitter: @AshleyJustinaa

SEEING THIS KILLS ME😭 @CameronDallas Out of all the girls in the world he can only choose one to spend his life with😭

Twitter: @mollyrosereed

♪What are little girls made of?Sugar and spice,And everything nice,That's what little girls are made of.

Twitter: @lettre_bot

RT @jburnone: Shy girls be the freakiest once they get comfortable wit u!

Twitter: @piinkpumpkiin

Girls Books
If I Stay
Gayle Forman, $4.99
Gone Girl: A Novel
Gillian Flynn, $6.93
To Kill a Mockingbird
Harper Lee, $0.92
The Book Thief
Markus Zusak, $6.13