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i have got to find the river || it shines like gold in autumn || fox harbour #novascotia

Twitter: @StewartLegere

MVC Unknown Injury @ 4000 BLK BLK N RIVER RD,GOLD HILL | Unit: 7410 | Time: 10:45:48 | Map:

Twitter: @ECSOIncidents

@zach_gold_ its a Canal. And there's a Bike bath going up the river

Twitter: @emily_lameman

@davidgold @Brookesy89 yeah thanks for selling us down the river Mr Gold. Hope you and your hammers get relagated. Bcfc for life

Twitter: @scott_bohemia

5.19 Grams of California Gold Nuggets. Fresh from the river #gold #goldbar

Twitter: @GoldBarSale

@SkyNews @UKLabour they are far to busy covering up peadophillia and gold plateing EU advisor jobs by selling the UK down the river to care

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