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Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on twitter
Confidence comes from victory, but strength comes from the struggle. ~Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger #strong

Twitter: @ColetteCarlson

Someone needs to tell Arnold Schwarzenegger about dangers of steroids. Gov propaganda say you will die. Arnold will be 68 in july

Twitter: @tom1468tom

@Schwarzenegger Arnold!#hows about I live it and u OWNit?#1 Gov##GOD-blessUSA#pump it up¥

Twitter: @Actionjaxon2014

In its own way Carrie Brownstein making pumpkin spice jokes for *IFC* is as weird as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Twitter: @DrPuppykicker

Admited steroid user arnold schwarzenegger is getting pretty old too. Someone better tell the gov to revamp the drug propaganda

Twitter: @tom1468tom

RT @AmGreenCulture: "That is not a drug. It's a #leaf," - Arnold Schwarzenegger, Former Gov. of California #arnold

Twitter: @BuildingAZllc2