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@SoGND_ @WTF_OS bottom line is they have some great concepts in place...

Twitter: @BlackZed2013

RT @RoseyLacey: tumblr is a pretty great place

Twitter: @chasapher

I have a great job opportunity available - it's a great place to work - check out this opening

Twitter: @SMGInfoTech3

@sjzara I think Twitter's a great place to start discussions. People just need to learn not be so touchy all the time!

Twitter: @SimonTuffen

RT @hopesolo: @MLS @ussoccer_wnt And what a great place to do it at! Following @NickRimando 'a footsteps! Thank you! :)

Twitter: @bminnoch

2 people passed by my place and greeted me by name, n I have no clue who they are..:) m having a great morning

Twitter: @Dsitando