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@TheGreenParty "the Green Party opposes all nuclear power generation" Why? Help me understand this part of your policy please. :)

Twitter: @ih8cricket

fact of the day: the nazi party was the first green party in the world... #mindblown #8fact #whatyouknowaboutdemgermans

Twitter: @akash_panday

RT @Amelia_Womack: The @LibDems think they're a "green" party?Their token green policies in their manifesto suggest otherwise!…

Twitter: @IndigoDavei

At last we have an alternative to business as usual with the BBC. Now we can vote for the Green Party of England...

Twitter: @Cannabis4Autism

Count my money or party with bitches Hundred and fitties or big ass titties Count the green or get in between those titties

Twitter: @KenyonHipps

UK general election coming; Greens neck & neck with LibDems in voting intention, & rising!

Twitter: @ElrondBurrell