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SMFH RT Im not trying to end up like Greg Oden bruh

Twitter: @octffa

@Cody_Chaney he's teetering on Greg Oden status.

Twitter: @BryBaumgardner

Not sure what happened but my iPhones battery went from being a tank to weaker than Greg Oden's knees real quick.

Twitter: @mlukes14

@SwagyB17 @ANDREANSAH_11 rich boy is the greg oden of rap

Twitter: @whatsthatODER

@bmj24 @DarnellMayberry @russwest44 Look on the bright side, Russ: At least you're not Sam Bowie, Greg Oden, or Brandon Roy. #Jailblazers

Twitter: @Not_J_Van_Gundy

Let's get Greg Oden back

Twitter: @JulianS_rawcity