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Greg Selkoe on twitter
Dominating E-Commerce With Karmaloop founder Greg Selkoe

Twitter: @ThePhatStartup

@Selkoe hey Greg, long time supporter but I was wondering when my gf is going to get her full refund back? She only got half back?

Twitter: @jbunz

@Selkoe @Karmaloop you guys haven't paid us for almost 1/2 a year- that actually hurts us all Greg. When are we getting our pay?

Twitter: @GFOXco

@Slay_it hi could you follow me so I can DM you with my problem, Greg Selkoe said to!

Twitter: @Tomthegunner

@Selkoe Hi Greg Im a Big customer and fan of ur work but Im still waiting for various orders to ship and after 2 months im string 2 worry :(

Twitter: @thefilosofunk

@Selkoe yo Greg! Can you DM me? I'm having problems with an order I placed over a month ago. Can't get any help from anyone else. Thanks.

Twitter: @marktinsleyjr