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RT @lantz_cameron: I'm in like 5 diff group chats

Twitter: @iamjoshfoote

RT @chaelinsbtch: "Out of all of the kpop groups my gut tells me 2NE1 will be the biggest global asian group." - htt…

Twitter: @JA_allYG

RT @sarabi124: I'm not in the group anymore and I'm still mad

Twitter: @karachristine16

RT @SteveSuckington: "Hi, I'm here for Paradox Club." -Actually this is Oxymoron Club. "Ok, same difference." *looks at group* -Oh, this…

Twitter: @HunnerGoMeow

[EDIT] #러블리즈 Lovelyz OT-8 Images Teaser Group

Twitter: @rsujeongf

RT @mijin0913: Girl group member A and trending idol group member B were staying at a hotel in Tokyo together last y…

Twitter: @BentoChanyeol