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I'm gonna get hit today with all the people whipping through gulf trying to avoid traffic

Twitter: @bryan_burley27

@gulf_news @asmashirazi proud of you dear 😀

Twitter: @shujaathussainq

RT @MatthewBoedy: Gulf Shores (AL) police chief calls out captain in charge of #Ferguson security

Twitter: @BlackElegance1

@LibyaLiberty There is an arabic hashtag trending in the Gulf called #رويات_داعشية (ISISBookTitles) inspired by your #ISISmovies

Twitter: @MBnAbbad

@gulf_cimfam from a video uhm i dont have the link anymore but maybe Look at my tweets from yesterday if you wanna see the video?

Twitter: @LiiaCim

@MazMHussain no one treats young rich gulf arabs like a fifth column in their countries. they go to Syria bcs of a certain idelogy!

Twitter: @LennartLimertin

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