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@Mycomputerr @Jimenez434Jorge on our way to Harvard indeed

Twitter: @rolandofeather

“@AliIsKobe24: Wow! @alexiss_flores is so cute 😭😭😭 thanks” haha dude that's something to brag about like it's Harvard 😌💁

Twitter: @alexiss_flores

@RyansAnnie @HutchinKid [Ryan prepared himself but sighed in relief with Annie when she slept.] Good girl.

Twitter: @Harvard_Hottie

Yayyy (at Harvard University) —

Twitter: @iamalexgrant

@DubeLawrence I wonder what he will be lecturing on at Harvard. He must stay away from the Leadership module

Twitter: @thamisonile

Harvard Business Review: Forget the Strategy PowerPoint

Twitter: @LuxeSebastien

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