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RT @neffrichard: "@KritVerma: "Bill Gates was a drop out" Yes, but he dropped out of Harvard not 11th grade intensive reading."

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Harvard Scientist Urges People to Stop Drinking “Low-Fat” Milk Immediately -

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people get so angry when you copy a tweet. DO YOU WANT ME TO QUOTE IT USING THE HARVARD REFERENCING SYSTEM

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RT @ANU_RSAT: How to read a #research paper: be critical, creative & draw comparisons #phdchat #gradchat

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RT @TheIsraelink: Harvard Dining Services removes SodaStream machines... because the left and Muslims felt "uncomfortable". #inl http://t.c…

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China Courses 95. This is CS50 2013. - Harvard University #iTunesU #iTunes #iPhone #Apple #Mac

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