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Hasta la vista baby! #BestFandom2014 Directioners #MTVHottest One Direction

Twitter: @ey_brown

"@zjmcoven: Hasta la vista baby🔫💣🔪" #MTVHottest One Direction

Twitter: @tefi_04981D

Call me crazy but I give this fascist out of control illegal Israel 5 yrs and after that its going to be Hasta la Vista Baby. Bye Bye Israel

Twitter: @Yabudayyeh

thewovenweb: Aigis yelling out “Hasta La Vista” is literally why were all put on this Earth. Nothing will...

Twitter: @sonofether

oh what's that??? you don't want to sleep with my dog??? oh okay thats fine :-) hasta la vista!!au revoir!!adios!hope the floor isn't cold!!

Twitter: @darnimnotdead

RT @HaikaissLetras: Hasta la vista,baby i dont see you later,crazy

Twitter: @Luuhdsoares