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High School on twitter
RT @BayernMunchenF1: Thomas Muller at high school LOL

Twitter: @karinarmzz

I miss high school life..

Twitter: @carminanana

RT @lukeisbaae: Back in high school we used to take it slow #MTVHottest 5 Seconds of Summer

Twitter: @humanbeinq

Watching High School Musical 3: Senior Year —

Twitter: @AnissaSS_

RT @ChiIlDates: 7 unbelievable ways kids got suspended... #3 happened last week 😳😂 👉 👈

Twitter: @knowlzee16

my moms upset im pregnant on graduation day 😔 atleast im 22 an pregnant not 16 an this is college not high school ....

Twitter: @carmel_freckels