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@tenley_braun all 5 boys then proceeded to call the child by the wrong name. That will def. be mentioned @ his high school graduation.

Twitter: @tenley_braun

RT @RelatableQuote: Everyone in high school be grateful that textbooks are free and hold them close to you every night and appreciate their…

Twitter: @Jezzyka69

I want to make my last year of high school the best 💁

Twitter: @Airlenlove

RT @VallesGabie: If you want a high school reunion just go to alsups at night..

Twitter: @wgts16

RT @MyGREEN8: Whoever said there's no love like high school ball lied, I love my squad #BleedBlue #SUFB

Twitter: @whosyourMAMBA

Registered my son for his senior year in high school and ran into one of "my" babies registering as a freshman. Too much weird in one day!

Twitter: @NovaMidwives