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High school me cried at my Mario Kart performance earlier this evening. @twins1511 @Twins1557 @TheOtherTrey @ktwyatt1

Twitter: @hankTANKtaylor

RT @Cpooh_SK: High School Love On START!

Twitter: @Frame_FuMu

👉 RT @JayTheQuad: Yo RT @Fames: Congratulations on being a "cool kid" in high school! Sorry about the rest of your life though.

Twitter: @LordsDontWorry

Philadelphia’s 8th Graders Consider High School Options

Twitter: @PhiladelphiaUnq

Things have changed drastically in these five years since high school

Twitter: @dannyberry23

@_ollardo I finished high school 4 years ago, crazy! That's good you changed and things got better though. :)

Twitter: @Being_Jake