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God I'm ready for high school.

Twitter: @Alden_Isabelle

RT @hack_zaddad: isnt high school supposed to be the best times of your life?

Twitter: @Dom_The_Giant

RT @YGkristos: High School Friendships💯 09th: 👬👫👭👬👬 clique 10th: 👬👬👫👫 gang 11th: 👫👬👬 squad 12th: 👬 my nigga

Twitter: @princessdie86

@dreamice48 Lol high school kids! I can't 😁

Twitter: @Kasey_RayW

oo79: #PrayForSouthKorea The high school student was holding a little girl in his arms, saying "A child! A child!"”""

Twitter: @tjdals1186

RT @rupasubramanya: .@wsjindia story also reveals Robert Vadra only has a high school educ.Sat at the back in a black SUV handing out cash …

Twitter: @aparna_jain