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I hope everyone remembers Hillary Clinton's passionate defense of Israel's war crimes and total silence on...

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That Time Aubrey Plaza Photobombed Katy Perry and Hillary Clinton August 22, 2014 at 06:39AM

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RT @politico: Who would win the votes in a 2016 presidential match-up in New York -- Hillary Clinton or Chris Christie? Poll:…

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RT @IsraelFrontline: How Hillary Clinton Enabled Hamas’ Construction of Terror Tunnels - By Moshe Phillips and Benyamin...…

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RT @politico: POLL: Rand Paul doesn't stack up against Hillary Clinton in a 2016 presidential election poll of NY voters…

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@conor64 Hey you're the guy throwing the names of Cheney, Kristol and Bolton around as hawkish "shriekers" like Hillary Clinton, not me.

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