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RT @abhinandan2409: our launch @ TechCrunch has caught a few eyes... Check out the cool new features that we've added to the platform! http…

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What's in the mind of media mogul Jimmy Lai to be at the #umbrellamovement when his media empire keeps being attacked

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RT @JoshJPhilipp: A great infographic that explains what led up to the protests in Hong Kong - #OccupyCentral http:/…

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RT @VivienneChow: #HK govt sources hint at tougher line on #OccupyCentral protests if deadlock persists #UmbrellaMovement…

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RT @stanyee: "Hong Kong is locked in a vicious circle – and it is up to China’s government to break it"

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RT @TheAtlantic: "What's driven students into the streets? The fear that Hong Kong could become just another Chinese city."…

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