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A house is a building lived in by people. The word "house" may also refer to a building that shelters animals, such as a lemur, especially in a zoo. generally has walls and a roof to shelter its enclosed space from precipitation, wind, heat, cold, and other elements...
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@FinnHudson_78 Shall we go into the house?

Twitter: @2TinaCohenChang

Everyday i hear that Wish you were mine house song playing and I can just picture a room of top knots trying to shuffle

Twitter: @hhhhhonor

Day off, home alone, house is clean & the internet out here isn't working, wow. Now how am I supposed to Netflix all day?

Twitter: @Kimflo_

Stop throwing stones when you live ina glass house

Twitter: @tough_money

RT @TheScaryStory: "Found this in an abandoned house yesterday"

Twitter: @fatinkiss1304

RT @cnsnews: GOP House Chairmen Blast FCC Chairman's Refusal to Testify

Twitter: @RobertItalia