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A house is a building lived in by people. The word "house" may also refer to a building that shelters animals, such as a lemur, especially in a zoo. generally has walls and a roof to shelter its enclosed space from precipitation, wind, heat, cold, and other elements...
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RT @chiya9: If you bought a Car, House or Cycle, get inaugarated from Modi, if not, paint the old one and get inaugarated.”

Twitter: @vpsinghnegi

@dannews Wait what happened, I missed it obviously! Did your house catch on fire?

Twitter: @WendyWings

the air con was on in my house and @oshjaaays left the door open. smh

Twitter: @divydogs

@nrimxn i've got the paramedics ready infront of yr house, just in case.

Twitter: @ziminizer

The trap house when you were in elementary school

Twitter: @THAT_GUY_T5

@chelliebaybay time to take responsibility for ur own actions. They were not broken when u were escorted out of my house. Grow up

Twitter: @rthomason1