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A house is a building lived in by people. The word "house" may also refer to a building that shelters animals, such as a lemur, especially in a zoo. generally has walls and a roof to shelter its enclosed space from precipitation, wind, heat, cold, and other elements...
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Press Statement from Government House

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@clarksshoes if you could send a pair of each to my house, that'd be super. Size 7. Ta.

Twitter: @littledrinker

RT @mPinoe: Mr.President @BarackObama we just drove past your house,shall I have the bus driver circle back around? I know u wanna come to …

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#NowPlaying Solis & Sean Truby ft. Irina Makosh - Forever (Moonsouls Remix) #EDM #House #Trance #Radio

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My determination, perseverance, stubbornness won't let me, but I'm ready to sell my house and wash my hands of it. House building is #Whack

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RT @PropClean: Wife joined @theSNP so membership of the @theSNP in my house has increased by 100% . Well done us.

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