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RT @ChinaBlue_Eyes: @PepperTheDog @Rimbambelle My Katrina was rescued in New Orleans after the hurricane...@Pasados flew her to Washington …

Twitter: @Rimbambelle

watching a documentary on hurricane katrina... it's not even relevant to criminology tho I'm ??????

Twitter: @shadymads

@Archies_Online Is your name Katrina? [No, why?] 'Cuz baby, you rock me like a hurricane! #CheesyPickupLines

Twitter: @iSagardutt

Racists saw during Hurricane Katrina we're human we fight to live. TK @WVUfan_1818 @DiveConLFP @ifebee @mikebrown @Anan_VII @larryelder

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They have national guard out in Ferguson already? Damn. I wonder how Hurricane Katrina victims feel about...

Twitter: @Seraph86

RT @harpantf: @SamLuvsAustin4 hes done nothing wrong yet people still want to act like hes fucking hurricane katrina and he destroyed every…

Twitter: @SamLuvsAustin4