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Hurricane Katrina on twitter
Im so fucked up i wrote 3 tweets into my phone and texted them to the Hurricane Katrina fund.

Twitter: @Grace_Lowsley

Hurricane Katrina Tour of New Orleans! Boek nu: #NewOrleans

Twitter: @tripsnexcursies

@coltonswaggs oh he's in a shitty hurricane Katrina movie too where it's just him protecting a baby in the hospital the whole movie.

Twitter: @CrackedOutHobo

So my mum predicted hurricane katrina, the earthquake in Japan and now the one in Chile. This is getting pretty freaky...

Twitter: @EmmaVSimpson

@DerkfromMyths @holmz1lla pretty sure that is the "weatherman" 's move aka "hurricane Katrina" aka @Starlord____

Twitter: @gholmes92

@coltonswaggs is it that shitty hurricane Katrina movie?

Twitter: @CrackedOutHobo