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if the IRS calls you, it’s NOT the IRS - dadsacook: zaflikescreepydolls: airagorncharda: Today I got called...

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RT @gerfingerpoken: (IBD) Obama's Rogue #IRS Strikes Deal With FFRF 2 Monitor Churches, Not Mosques - - https://t.…

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How encase an irs prove vicar sideman number one amongst the offshore exordium excavation task?: fKoElC

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@NoahCRothman counter-example: GOP criticizing Obama for not weighing in on IRS before facts are in

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RT @gerfingerpoken: #IRS Chief John Koskinen Should Be Jailed, Not Just Impeached: - American Thinker - - https:/…

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RT @IRStaxpros: #IRS Publication 550 provides comprehensive info on the #tax treatment of investment income & expenses…

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