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RT @IRSnews: #IRSYouTube: Check your #tax refund status, more with new #IRS2Go 5.0 app #taxes #IRS

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If #IRS conducts Audit, don't produce ANYTHING unless SPECIFIC asked! 'ALL' info for tax period 00/00/00-00/00/00 doesn't cover it! 😂😂

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Caterpillar faced Senate scrutiny over its tax plans in 2014. Now, the IRS has swooped in and wants 1 billion.

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RT @IQueenOFFarts: Life will give U reasons to cry, but if you snap the hell out of him..U don't hv to cry. Oh! It's the IRS.. Go pay you…

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#fox26forlife Folks, wake up and read the law. It's horrifying. PPACA puts the IRS in charge of enforcement! #NoDueProcess

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RT @WSCP1: IRS Cock-and-Bull Story Debunked: Liberal Groups Werent Targeted by IRS: @GOPoversight #TeaParty #tcot #P…

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