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RT @betseyrossTGDN: #NHsen Scott Brown vs Shaheen: 'I Want to Fight for Jobs for New Hampshire' over Jobs for Illegals…

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Ingraham Callers: Illegal Immigration Is Hurting Us

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Facebook tries to Sandbag Protests "Not Useful to the State": Against Obama, Illegal Immigration, & Amnesty

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RT @NumbersUSA: Rasmussen Poll: 71% say government SHOULD NOT give benefits to illegal aliens. RETWEET if you agree #Immigration http://t…

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Illegal immigration won't destroy Frederick County. Ineffective "us v them" attitudes, possibly biased policing & poor prioritization WILL.

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@EsotericCD @kausmickey You *can't* reward illegal immigration, without encouraging more of it-- and that's kind of the point.

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