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RT @pjstarnews: Illinois medical marijuana: $100 for patient card

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MT @pamelamprah: Rhode Island had highest unemployment rate 8.7%; Nevada 8.5%, Illinois 8.4%. @BLS_gov

Twitter: @sandykjohnson

RT @RainaMurdock: @Mr_Carterr not all of us!😭 I came from Illinois to see you and now I can't!😭

Twitter: @originalmagcon

Somewhere in the middle of Illinois RN with no gas stations in sight about to pee my pants. Coolz.

Twitter: @bRd_14

Illinois cops seize computers and cell phones in search for Twitter account mocking mayor

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RT @DanProft: Illinois Ruling Class: permanent tax hikes, impose new taxes, expand gambling. Need revenue. Can't pay bills. But $100M for O…

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