Topic: Instant Noodles
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Instant Noodles on twitter
Never trust boys to cook hotdogs or anything. Even for instant noodles.

Twitter: @nwdiahh

Instant noodles at 10.30 leggo

Twitter: @magichasprices

@BrammarB liquid shepherd's pie! burnt instant noodles! pop-tarts fused inside toaster! pie so salty my mum couldn't physically eat it!

Twitter: @lepht_anonym

Instant noodles wooo Me gonna die tonayt lol

Twitter: @IsthatOthellooo

@RxMySox A friend sent me four boxes of instant ramen noodles. I'll have some as a late night snack.

Twitter: @klark_gymm

@extranoss OK, now this is more appetising than instant noodles!

Twitter: @nazarainy1