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Momofuku Ando, the Inventor of instant noodles. happy 105 anniversary!

Twitter: @JASGA

Do you know why you should stop eating those instant noodles?

Twitter: @TechnoVisionCom

Lunch time, more instant noodles.

Twitter: @Divergent338

Happy bday Momofuku Ando, inspite of it's nutritional lack, being the inventor of instant noodles is badass + you have warmed many a student

Twitter: @SpacebeamTweets

"If I cook instant noodles, it becomes porridge" - Jessica LMAO JESSICA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH BOSS JUNG. #FAIL

Twitter: @barbyie

#WeAreUofT #Poverty #PassTheRaman Too many instant noodles linked to increased risk of metabolic syndrome

Twitter: @byzbets