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Instant Noodles on twitter
Man I never thought that I'd ever miss eating instant noodles :)

Twitter: @VinzFideles

jk no I should just cook instant noodles

Twitter: @s4ds0uls

RT @dorothywang: first time ever having drunk INSTANT LUNCH NOODLES... we'll see how this settles in tomorrow morning #CHICKENFLAVOR

Twitter: @SaadiiSpunk

Wonder if girls have clicked yet that posting 'hilarious' buzz feed articles on 'stuff girls do' on fb is more basic than instant noodles

Twitter: @A_Howard8

"@Githanjali_: Thailand instant noodles and harry potter to end my night 👌" I nak join deiiii 😣

Twitter: @Ashterrrrr

RT @EpicFoodPorn: DIY just-add-hot-water instant noodles made from fresh ingredients.

Twitter: @Nightxlif3