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RT @N3haal: We Lost Internet Access, Forever #ScaryStoriesIn5Words

Twitter: @fananifaa

RT @puellavulnerata: If it tampers with your packets like this, it's just fucking fraudulent to sell it as 'internet…

Twitter: @earwulf

RT @Pboy6969: Unidentified network; no internet access. #scarystoriesin5words

Twitter: @fzhran_

RT @FunnySayings: sleep is for the people without internet access

Twitter: @OliviaMargXIX

RT @SwedenGeneva: #UPR20 Sweden recommends Iran to end restrictions and surveillance of Internet. Unrestricted access for all to Internet a…

Twitter: @r_kooijman

RT @unseenfacts: At an airport and need wifi? Add "?.jpg" at the end of any URL to bypass the expensive wifi and access the Internet for fr…

Twitter: @joed9

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