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Internet Access on twitter
By 2014 mobile is predicted to overtake desktop Internet usage. This is largely based on the developing world having access to cheap smartp…

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.@dstrom explains how managed cloud service offers alternative to WAN optimization appliances. via @NetworkWorld

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@RachelAmphlett I for one welcome our #robot overlords. I also believe they will have full access to all our Internet profiles.

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Annoying lei the wifi network here how to do work if it's connected but no internet access zzz sch nvr pay bills eh

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@XboxSupport3 But No, it appears even with my internet turned back on, I can't access xbox live.

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RT @SamsungMobilePH: Galaxy Core LTE. 4.5" screen, Android, LTE capable for faster internet access. Only P14,490! ht…

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