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Active Audiences. Now I'm listening. #CNX14 (if I had better internet access this would have posted 15 mins ago)

Twitter: @johnnyg_1

Small town at that point=no internet access, no public transport to larger cities/towns with LGBTQ support, no privacy

Twitter: @TMIKittenHeels

Technical problems at office today. No phone, email or internet access. Members Only web down too. Working to restore. Bear with us...

Twitter: @NATA1950

How Cubans Can Have Internet Access Overnight

Twitter: @CapitolCubans

One of our clients keeps calling me to ask that I print out webpages and fax it to him... What small business doesn't have internet access?!

Twitter: @jensher

Stay connected to home or work on our free Wi-Fi Internet access from the comfort of your hotel room.

Twitter: @blue_gilroy