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"The Internet #access gap for the #disability #rural community is an abyss" -Pablo, #MDF_IFG #AccessIsaRight #IGF2014

Twitter: @_edyael_

@safaricomltd , my sim cant access the internet on my phone. Other people's sim seems to. Kindly help

Twitter: @_krox

Did you know we have free Internet access @Alfreton Jobcentre for our customers? Let us know & we can book you in! #DWPonline

Twitter: @MidDerbysJCP

@eRacingNews @F1nomics @Current_E won't be able to gutted will be out of the pantry and limited internet access :(

Twitter: @ploddingpiggy

@UKMediapsych Gendered Space:The Digital Divide between Male & Female Users in Internet Public Access Sites

Twitter: @CathyUre

"Sleep is for people who don't have internet access"

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