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The only thing dumber than the continuing quake coverage are the reports from Interstate 80 every winter: β€œIt’s snowing!!! Back to you!”

Twitter: @mtbsteve

This just happened on the interstate heading to Lincoln going 80 mph. God was watching out for me tonight. I'm fine.

Twitter: @BeckyStahr

Standstill traffic on interstate 80.. Why? Because the roads literally covered in diapers πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Twitter: @saraann_wrap

Cracked a buck forty five coming home from Williamsport on Interstate 80. I wish I had a Go Pro for moments like that

Twitter: @CorySprankle

People on the interstate are pussies! I ain't scurred of rain! 80 mph errwhere! #iAintScurred

Twitter: @__Chewy_

First a motorcyclist killed and now a vans on fire, way to fucking go Interstate 80 @NewJersey

Twitter: @matthewhoyland

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