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Investigative Journalism on twitter
An INCREDIBLE piece of investigative journalism... Truly speechless

Twitter: @clarissaibuch

RT @gijn: FOPEA Honors Investigative Journalism in Argentina. Get to know all the winners here >…

Twitter: @Marce71Brizuela

RT @GreyTheTick: Gater types celebrating a site being blacklisted for doing actual investigative journalism and not just republishing PR. I…

Twitter: @PerishEvil

@iboudreau like no matter how much they try to phrase it as investigative journalism, they're leaking video game details for christsake

Twitter: @weeaboo

RT @maxwellproject: Inspired by @SpotlightMovie - With media today, young people must still learn the value of important long-form investig…

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Question to @JillAbramson/@Alissanyt: "I'd like to hear something reassuring about the future, if there is any, of investigative journalism"

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