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LVP 11U 8 Pure Baseb 3 [Top 5th] [0 Out] [0 balls] [0 strikes] ... No one on [P: #19 Isaac Moreno] [B: #11 Parker Trask]

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Judge Isaac Parker 1838-1896 Known as the "Hanging Judge" in Fort Smith, Arkansas

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@Isaac_Sanders @parker_read YOU DICK 😂

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@parker_read just ran in to @kendraaraee on campus. She was hanging out with a bunch of frat dudes.

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You guys going? Alex Tsatourian Divon Parker Shortcircut Oyadomari Brandon Isaac Spann Pablo Hernandez Siera...

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RT @Read_Caleb801: “@FightCIubs: Cowboys are savages this year lol” @parker_read @joshie100 @Isaac_Sanders

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