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@BlaxkJesusx_ bruh Kobe vs Jordan AI vs Isaiah Thomas Dominique Wilkins vs Blake LBJ vs Scotty Pippen

Twitter: @JamereBrown

@JohnnyAime @ESPN_FirstTake where is Isaiah Thomas? Nash would be my last PG to play if they were all on the same team.

Twitter: @coachbrandonlee

May Christ bless the memories of Jamarion Thomas 7, Ximena Meza 9 & Isaiah Shelton-Dobine 11; children killed n violence this week n So Cal.

Twitter: @Arcangel808

I wish I could see all the greats goo at it in their primes. #8 Kobe vs Jordan in the 90's AI vs Isaiah Thomas Kemp vs Blake 😳

Twitter: @BlaxkJesusx_

RT @john: .@Isaiah_Thomas is good at basketball

Twitter: @Rivera315_

RT @shots: #shotties — add “@isaiah_thomas” of the Phoenix @Suns today!

Twitter: @larryterrific