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Islamic Extremists on twitter
@KerstinEricsdot Really? And a new Swedish police report identifies 55 “no-go” zones controlled by Islamic extremists,

Twitter: @mdsbarry

RT @vofnvatican: #VaticanCity | Isil plans to kill Pope says Vatican envoy - … Islamic extremists of Isil, the Vatican has b... http…


@TheStaunton “don’t consider themselves British which is why we have Islamic extremists” - you can do both.

Twitter: @demsoc

I admire this man, tell you one thing there would be no Islamic extremists if he got his way about things!

Twitter: @richielaw92

@demsoc @election_data problem is do they consider themselves British ?many don't which is why we have home grown Islamic extremists

Twitter: @TheStaunton

RT @BostonGlobe: Muslim clerics meet in Iran to counter extremists like Islamic State

Twitter: @_ValeFarias