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Islamic Extremists on twitter
"second soldier shot in two days, why is Canada being targeted by Islamic extremists" Never mind the facts @Telegraph feel the propaganda

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RT @israelproject: At Ground Zero, Israeli defense minister says free nations 'won't be deterred' by Islamic extremists:…

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Islamic extremists are living with & amongst us today in North America! We ALL need to learn how to identify these individuals & groups.

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Somali Islamic extremists appoint new leader after death of Ahmed Godane in ... - Washington Post

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RT @GoLeftYoungMan: Hey #TCOT, remember when Jim DeMint said a "free Iraq will crush Islamic extremists?" How did that work out? #Heritage …

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RT @justinmarozzi: Good on the French. Call them #Daesh, or even #daeshbags, but not Islamic State, please @David_Cameron @BBCNews http://t…

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