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Islamic Extremists on twitter
@megunder taken just days before he was murdered by an Islamic extremists

Twitter: @21GuNS69x2

@glaad You slandered Christians, Traditional Families and any one who dare to think for themselves. Islamic Extremists are here, what now?

Twitter: @Big_CheMo

Nothing but love for the Islamic community. Sorry for close minded judgmental idiots. We all have extremists no matter the group. #YEG

Twitter: @LGanton11

The ultimate objective of a Caliphate is to unite Muslims in an Islamic system, and radical racist Christian extremists oppose Muslim unity.

Twitter: @SohaibBala

@USATODAY So the day after multiple attacks by Islamic extremists you guys are running stories to watch out for Christians?!? #Bigots

Twitter: @EasyT367

@alka_d Shoot at site against Islamic extremists else India will next Afghanistan

Twitter: @choutapelly